Jacksonville Beach Sunrise Engagement - Danielle + Scotty

I’m an identical twin! Pretty exciting which is what i’m learning as time goes on and we’ve grown into individuals. She lives in California now with her now husband, Scotty. With a combination of realizing I’m a bit behind on blogging, and missing them a bunch I wanted to pick one of my favorite beach sunrise engagement sessions from last year to blog (i know, i’m biased).

Danielle (my twin) met the love of her life in a sweet, local coffee shop where Scotty was a barista. Almost a year ago, in September of 2018, after they had just gotten engaged, Scotty was getting ready to leave for job training in Virginia. They would then spend 4 months apart doing long distance before they got married in March of 2019. In a last minute decision, we settled on getting engagement photos done in Jacksonville Beach where they spent a lot of time in their dating relationship. We found a 30 minute window at sunrise where we could fit a short session in. 

The golden sun rose magically that morning and we danced and laughed while Danielle and Scotty cherished a few sweet moments together before he was off to Virginia. I love these photos so much and I was so honored when my own sister asked me to photograph her and her then-fiance.