Imprint - A Conceptual project about heartbreak

(This post was originally published on December 24, 2016)


So I wrote a little bit about these pictures, something I normally don't do, and you can read it, or just look at the pictures, I don't really care. This is kind of like an open journal entry and maybe it'll encourage you. 


Relationships are hard because people are messy. And that includes all relationships, friendships, marriages, romantic, non-romantic and everything in between. No one is perfect. Expectations, selfishness and motivations get in the way.

This collection of photos is a reflection of the imprints that two people in a relationship leave on one another. We invest ourselves in another person and no matter how hard we guard ourself, we face pain and hardships because we are imperfect. I’m grateful that creating is a part of my healing process.

It’s a beautiful thing- that we can let ourselves be vulnerable- that we can lose sleep, and appetite over losing another person. Loss is a part of life. If you think about it long enough, it’s fascinating that we can feel and connect with another human. We create all sorts of memories with a person where little things will trigger thoughts and feelings to remind you of the past.

I’ve discovered that the most important thing for me after facing loss is to keep moving and to invest myself in things that make me happy and drive me forward. Surrounding myself with good people and investing in new memories that help the wounds heal.

So now, I’m rejoicing in the wounds and not regretting the imprints because I’ve grown from them. In this new year I don’t want to wither; I want to bloom.

About the shoot:

Lexi Mire is amazing and was totally helpful in shooting with me. Juliana and Stephan are a super fun couple and were fantastic models. They totally didn't mind getting a little messy. In some of these shots you can see their matching constellation tattoos on their feet. All of these photographs were shot at Delo Studio in Downtown Jacksonville.

While planning and editing I listened to Wolves (Part one and Two) by Bon Iver and Ocean by Liza Anne on repeat and i'd say both of those songs were of influence.  


Stefanie Keeler