A thorough Introduction to how I became a Traveling/Destination Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Stefanie (Stef works too).

Since I can't seem to figure out how to transfer my old blog (which has posts as old as 2016) over to my new blog, I might as well start with an introduction blog post to catch you up on how I became a Traveling Wedding Photographer. 

I'm 23, born and raised Florida girl! I first fell in love with photography when my mentor at church picked it up. Watching her journey and observing how she could create such beautiful photos inspired me to start a lil journey of my own. You can check out her lovely work here!

I tagged along with her and another photographer at my church to weddings of all sorts and tried to be a sponge-soaking up all the knowledge I could about shooting weddings. I did take a photography class or two in high school but it was so boring to me. Instead I created as many experiences for myself to learn from- one of which included shooting behind the scene photos at my senior fashion show (this art high school was extra cool). 

My parents encouraged me (very strongly) to go to college... so I did. I studied photography because I really couldn't see myself doing anything else. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida to attend school and did my best to make some connections so that I could continue to learn (experience really is the best teacher.) 

I shot my first wedding in 2014, in Winter Garden Florida. Jenna, a friend of mine, was marrying her long time love, Stephan (they actually just had their third child). It was such an amazing experience. I loved the way that the wedding day made me think on my feet and encouraged me to always find the best light/angles. The fast-paced day was filled with so many joyful emotions. I became obsessed and did my best to second shoot as much as possible to continue learning and learning.   

The following years, I kept booking more and more weddings every year but I didn't discover my love for Travel/Destination Weddings until 2017 where I attended an adventure photography workshop. In Seattle, at the workshop, I met some amazing girls who inspired me to invest my love into destination/travel weddings. With lots of hard work in the second half of 2017, I photographed love stories in L.A., D.C, San Francisco(twice), Spokane and San Diego. 

After all of these trips, I knew this was something I was very passionate about and wanted to embrace. Planning, the trek to get there and experiencing new, beautiful places with amazing couples felt so perfect to me. 

So, here we are, now more than half way through 2018 and I'm shooting at least one wedding/engagement session out-of-town every two months or so. It makes my heart so happy. And if you're wondering what kind of traveler I am, this is one of my favorite commercials of all time. It describes me pretty well and explains why my traveling tends to bug everyone I live with... 

If I travel to photograph your wedding, you can bet your bottom dollar I will do my best to make the most of my trip by finding craft coffee roasters/beautiful views and hunting down a drink or two. 

With all of that, here are few things i'm also passionate about;

God's Grace, tacos, whiskey cocktails, mountain views, clear blue water, staying active and the biscoff cookies they give out on Delta flights.

If you want to read more about me, here's an interview I did for Babes Who Hustle at the end of 2017.