schwenk Elopement

What's a blog post without starting about how I say "it's been a while since i've blogged."..?? But hey, I managed to get one post up amidst the busy season. I'll count that as a win.

Nicole contacted me late summer and told me that she wanted her wedding to just be about the two of them: her and Matt. When talking about the location she said "We're open to suggestions"- which are some of my favorite words from a future bride. 

We dreamed up the perfect elopement for her and Matt, based on their tastes and some of the best that Jacksonville had to offer. Nicole was open to all of my recommendations and trusted my suggestions/vendors. 

Everything was perfect and planned out. I even ran into Chandler (of Marble + Pine) the night before and she threw together a Trader Joe's bouquet....TRADER JOE'S. It totally shows how talented Chanlder is.  As we were nearing the time for the elopement, suddenly the Florida rainy weather threatened all of our plans. Frantic text messages back and forth even up until almost midnight, we ended up making the call at 4am the next morning. It meant, pushing the elopement back a couple hours back to avoid the rain. Thankfully, all of our vendors adapted and were able to still be apart of Nicole and Matt's elopement.   

Driving that morning, I was praying my butt off that the Florida weather would be wrong and God would keep the skies clear. As I was about 10 minutes from the location: BOOM, the skies were totally blue. I had actual happy tears in my eyes. We met at Big Talbot and their elopement began.

Wedding photographers dream of getting couples like Nicole and Matt. Couples that trust your vision and will get their feet wet/clothes dirty when you need them to trek to the spot you envisioned them saying their vows. Couples that laugh with you, compliment you and make you forget that you're actually working. 

Nicole and Matt climbed over fallen trees and trekked through the ocean water to get to the spot where I planned for them to say their vows. At one point, Nicole actually fell off of a tree trunk and into some branches while walking over. Ahh.

The three of us got to the spot after a twenty minute trek from the main entrance. I was so honored to witness Nicole and Matt exchange their vows on a black rock under a clear blue sky. After vows were said, long embraces and a few kisses, Matt helped Nicole back onto the beach. We made our way back; excited for some Community Loaves cake waiting for us and thankful Chris Aussem was awesome (I had to) and was super flexible when we ran late. 

At Community  Loaves, in the back garden, Chris played 'Coming Home' by Leon Bridges while Nicole and Matt had their first dance. After that, we cut into the Blackberry Poppy seed cake that Community Loaves made and popped a bottle of Krug Champagne. 

If I could eat cake and drink champagne everyday for breakfast... I think I would. 

It was such a sweet occasion and i'm so thankful for Nicole and Matt. We had loads of fun and I was so honored to be a part of their elopement. October 5th was the best day!

Here's Coming Home to listen to while you look through their photos: