Frances + Alex - lake House engagement

I met with Frances over coffee at the end of summer. When discussing what her and Alex like to do for fun, Frances mentioned spending weekends at Alex's lake house on Kingsley lake. I immediately got so so excited dreaming that'd we do their engagement session at the lake house. And so we did! A late September Monday, we drove an hour southwest to the almost perfectly circular lake (seriously, look it up on a map, it's pretty cool). 

We spent the evening dancing on the dock, drinking champagne. Frances and Alex cooled off in the lake and we (including their sweet pups) all watched the sky turn from pink to black. 

My awesome/talented/super cute bf (also named Alex) tagged along and grabbed some fun footage of our night which you can see at the top of this post.

If this doesn't make you wish you had a lake house, I don't know what will.