Amaya + John

While doing research for places to photograph Amaya + John, I stumbled across this gem of a location: Latourell Falls. It was just outside of Portland and when scouting it, I fell in love with it. It was as if we had been transported to Iceland - maybe it just felt like that to me because Florida's waterfalls are non-existent. One of my favorite parts about this spot was that Amaya + Jon, though they had lived in Portland for a while, had never been! 

It was a little chilly for the shoot since it was still early spring in Oregon, but I always kind of love when it's cold because it makes the couple stay close to try and warm up. I was a bit worried for Amaya, who wore small heels to the shoot, but she proved it to be no problem hiking over rocks and mud with complete ease! Amaya + Jon were incredibly sweet and equally goofy, making this shoot so so so much fun.