Couples outfit guide 2018

I would say maybe 90% of my couples have absolutely NO IDEA what to wear for engagement photos, so you’re definitely not alone. Even if you do have an idea of what you’re thinking about wearing, here’s a guide to help you understand how to combine what photographs well in photos, and what you feel comfortable in.

So why the heck does it matter what I wear?? These are your engagement photos - they give you a chance to feel/look amazing. Also, a lot of clothing that looks great in real life is way too distracting in photos. It’s important that they make sense in context. You want to love these photos forever and not regret that t-shirt with the “hollister” logo across it .

First think options - 2-3 Dresses/blouse + bottom options for gals// 2-3 shirt / 2-3 pant options for guys. Feel free to shoot me emails/texts with photos for options, I love to see styles before hand and help you make decisions.



+ Keep Some personality+

A lot of my couples use a shoot like this as a chance to buy new clothes, wear something fancy or fun. You totally have that option but if you’re not a dress kind-of-gal, don't be afraid to rock those ripped jeans and converse.

The same goes for "props".... i'm not talking about pinterest-y cheese filled props... i'm talking more about things to add a little story to your photos in the BEST way. For example: a pizza picnic, a campfire, your sweet pups, bikes/surfboards - these are all great options. 

You don't necessarily NEED props. But if you just love the way she plays/sings with a guitar to you, or maybe your favorite hobby is riding together on a motorcycle - some sort of prop might be perfect to help capture your personalities in these photos.

+ make sure it makes sense+

Think about location and conditions: Heels are not a good option for the beach - barefoot fits so much better. Boots with good grip are best for hiking hills and mountain sides. Temperature is important too: Bring layers, extra socks or a cozy sweater for cool temps or thin, breathable clothing to avoid sweat stains in hot weather. Being comfortable is so so important, if you’re uncomfortable in front the camera (like most of my couples are) being comfortable in what you’re wearing is one less thing to worry about during the shoot.





Neutrals + Earthy tones are the way to go. They compliment the skin tones/aren't too distracting. Bright reds, pinks and oranges are usually what I tend to recommend to stay away from, they sometimes end up making skin tones a little too pink or orangey. But if there's this one shirt you're absolutely crazy about, just check with me first.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 2.54.40 PM.png


Another emphasis on comfortability is so important because we'll definitely be running, jumping and spinning around during this shoot. Avoiding uncomfortable/slippery shoes is also pretty important because we will be walking around plenty! I keep you both pretty active when I shoot so get ready to run, jump and maybe dance a bit...

Accessories or clothing that catches the wind always is encouraged because it adds energy and just looks soooo good in photos.



Dimension and layering can add a little extra “umpf” to your outfits. Some layering options could include an oversized cardigan, kimono, a neutral flannel or jean/leather jacket.

Accessories are also a good way to let personality shine. Bold earrings, a wide brimmed adventure hat, don't make yourself think that you need to keep it proper and simple.

Try to avoid wearing watches as they can be distracting from your faces when shooting up close shots. But remember to have fun with these outfits!

Even if you’re not 100% sure about if it goes with your outfit, bring it anyways it could end up being a great option to compliment what you’re wearing.



Crazy, loud patterns are your enemy here. The smaller/the more subtle the pattern, the better. For the most part I would try to avoid wearing more than one pattern. In photos, they tend to try and fight each other for dominance and remember, the focus of these photos is you!



Don't hesitate to ask me a million questions if you're still confused about where to even start! I have a long list of stores/brands that I love and would love to recommend.

Also, to my ladies - hair and makeup wise, you’re 100% welcome to get your hair and makeup done by a professional or to leave it to a natural glow. Whatever makes you feel beautiful is what I recommend.

Just about every couple will text me tons and tons of pictures asking "which?" or "would this look good together?" and I love that so don't be afraid to reach out and just ask!