Ariel + Bige Married

Ariel found me over instagram, before I really even started shooting lots of weddings. I barely had a website and was still wondering if I was even going to dive into this wedding thing.  She contacted me in May of 2015 wanting to book me. From that time til about April of 2016, plans were changing constantly about where they wanted to get married, when and whether they were eloping or not.  I found the process pretty fun exciting because I totally trusted Ariel's vision and was excited to see what she ended up choosing!

When Ariel, her sister and I sat down to coffee at bold bean in February, Ariel told me about her details and her dream for her wedding. I could barely contain my excitement in shooting a wedding with a bride who's style wasn't completely dictated by "southern charm". We chatted about details and I fell in love with this wedding even before I shot it. 

Ariel was involved with each of her many details and had a great amount of help from her family, it was beautiful to see it all come together on the wedding day. She brought a geode specifically for me to photograph her rings in! Ariel also gave her bridesmaids sweet rings from Consider the Wldflwers . Instead of having a typical cocktail hour, they got cold brew from Brew Five Points to cool off guests before the reception. Her colors and theme were inspired by her wedding invitation by Archer and Olive. Together, her and Bige wanted their wedding to be minimal yet organic.

I didn't meet Bige until the day of the wedding but he was perfectly calm, cool and collected the whole day. He didn't complain once about the ninety degree heat in a full suit and was up for whatever pictures needed to be taken. 

At the beginning of the day, we planned for a first look, things ran behind and Ariel and Bige kept cool and embraced the change. No freaking out, nothing. They were just so psyched to get married.

Ariel and Bige were the sweetest and they have such a beautiful love. While I have too many favorite moments from the wedding, their first dance was definitely one of them. The song they danced to was "Crystalized" by Young the Giant (their favorite band). They were singing it to each other while dancing and I totally had some happy tears pooling in my eyes. 


Ariel has an overwhelmingly beautiful smile and laugh. From the photos you can actually see her demeanor change from cool and collected before the ceremony, to her hardly being able to contain a smile. This transition came from the moment she saw Bige and lasted til the end of the night. Absolute pure joy and bliss.

See if for yourself...